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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  November 23, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now back to you. >> thanks. the first harford county school board meeting since the county unveiled the elementary school redistricting plan was well attendedch it was standing room over at the harford county school board of education. regular meetings are not this crowded but look at this. some parents wearing t-shirts. many of the schools in the fallston area are above 100% capacity and others are well below 100%. what did you do? school officials says that needs to be more balanced before the arrival of new families come into harford county because of the new brac jobs. parents are not happy about this. they showed up to let the school members know it. >> i am a mother of three school age children and i have to explain to them they will no longer be attending their neighborhood school. . >> the board members stressed the plan right now is preliminary and it can be changed. the school board hopes to vote
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on the final plan by late february between now and -- february. between now and then, several meetings will allow parents to speak to the board. and their comments will be submitted to the school system's website. we have all this information on our website. head to the push for answers. family and friends want to know how delvonte tisdale with dreams of serving his country as a marine ended up dead nearly 15 hours away from his home. this morning investigators say they are no closer to answer. police in massachusetts are following several different leads. tisdale started north mec high school this year. today, his friends and leader of the rotc group described him as quiet and hard working as a teen. >> we remember him and his family. >> knowing he is not there, it's really weird. >> the da's office is working on toxicology reports but can't explain how the young man died
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or why he ended up some 800 miles from home. two minutes after five right now. 911 was really busy last week when the tornado hit. some of you had no idea what was going on up against your house. others quickly called it a tornado. this morning, we are listening to some of the calls. >> what's the problem. >> tree fell down on the house with the wires and everything. >> we are on the way to investigate. is everybody safe. >> yes. i put everybody in the basement because the ceiling is coming apart and stuff. >> we have a three-story apartment building and we got wires down everywhere. looks like a tornado blew through here. >> there's more to hear on the tape. we hear from a woman that sound like thee was hit in the head. you can hear county dispatch talking with some the city sharing the stories over the damage. tonight here on abc2 news, we continue the series on maryland's cold cases with the story of mary kelly. she disappeared from her bel air home in spring of 19 # 8. the
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young -- 1988. the young mother of two said she was going to a pick up a friend at a bar and that's the last time she was found alive. we have more of her story tonight at 11. two recalls this morning. both are important because they compose dang -- they can pose a danger to you on your family. the consumer product safety commission says they are recalling this because it's a fire hazard on the other recall is the basset baby recall. to repair drop side kids because of entrapment, suffocation and fall hazards. if you need more information, head to the consumer product safety commission website or our website. for san diego charger fans, november is being renamed norvember as he has his team set for another strong finish.
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phillip rivers tied the career high. they routed denver for the third straight victory on monday night. after falling behind 7-0, rivers and the chargers scored 35 unanswered points. after an 0-3 start the chargers are now in a tie with oakland a game back of the west leading kansas city chiefs. four minutes after five right now. here's what's happening today. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will join governor o'malley at a ceremony to accept artifacts from new york world trade center for maryland's 9/11 memorial. this will happen at 1 p.m. and at 3:00, ray lewis will hand out thanksgiving meals to hundreds of families at the bbj west academy and this evening at 5 p.m., ravens running back ray rice joins the mayor to serve dinner with the 5th annual thanksgiving dinner for helping
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the mission on east baltimore street. i don't think any other nfl team does more than the ravens. >> they are out there in the community every -- they are not getting ready for a game they are helping. >> tay -- stay with us today. better parts of the u.s. are dealing with nasty weather. if it's not the snow, we are learning it's tornadoes and we will take you there in a bit. >> heading out, let's go to mark jones to see how the trains and buss are moving this morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. the commute start is a good one if you are on the marc train. nothing on your way or camden or penn line. light rail on time. on the buses, the 8 and 52 are 10 to 15 minutes late and the 20 and 30 buses take a diversion in old frederick due to ongoing construction. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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nice! you can even hear it crackle. [ candle crackle ] [ male announcer ] the febreze home collection. featuring soy blend candles, wood diffusers and flameless luminaries. time 5:08 on this tuesday morning. postal service is helping customers go green this holiday season. they arech the mail service says that some 1600 post
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offices will offer holiday cards made from recycle paper. the postal service is pushing recycles with stations equipped with recycling bins. they say they will deliver 15.8 cards and letters and packages between thanksgiving and christmas. 5:08. we have active weather across the country. hopefully it doesn't slow down the packages getting there on time. hopefully it doesn't slow you down from getting where you need to go. we will have the national outlook in a moment. but today, local patchy fog. mild start at 54. 50 spot in ellicott sitian sykesville. 51 in towson and 49 in hereford where there's patchy fog to be found. look at the wind forecast. it's southerly flow with the arrows pointing basically down to up. that's a southerly push of warm air. it will get into the mid-60s.
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but watch the arrows turn after four. a cold front comes in and that's the surge of much colder air that will settle in for the rest of the week. reinforcing shots of cold air after thanksgiving. today, 66 and afternoon showers. >> reporter: traffic is off to a very good start as you head out the door, at this early portion of the rush hour, 51 at 195. traffic moving well in both directions. no problems southbound out of harford toward the tunnels. traffic will move without delays. as we look at the maps. earlier crash in finksburg at route 140 and 91 has been cleared. that leads us incident free at this time. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. charlie sheen has had his name associated with a lot of movies over the years. >> yeah, but his life off the screen is what's giving him unwanted attention. the woman sheen is striking back after after what she clays he he did to her in a hotel room. and a season finale of
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"dancing with the stars" one star trying to make a come back and the other whose political career is in the straits fee. we will -- stratosphere.
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wild weather is causing all sorts of problems in the midwest and upper midwest. look at this video. someplace are cleaning up from snow and others face mounds of debris following a tornado. just in time for thanks giving travel, bad weather. tornadoes in the midwest, snow in other areas snarling traffic and electricity. out west as well. blizzard warnings are stretching from utah to colorado. thunderstorms are expected in houston to the carolinas. don't you feel lucky to live in maryland? emily schmidt has been keeping track of the weather. >> reporter: on the busiest travel week of the year, bad weather is maybe for slow going. >> i knew it was snowing yesterday but had no idea it would be everywhere. >> reporter: in seattle, rare prethanksgiving snow and strong winds caused accidents that brought monday's rush hour to a standstill. major highways tied up in all directions. in california sierra region, tow truck drivers have been on duty
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three days straight trying to dig people out from five feet of snow that covered the road and toppled power lines. >> we got a lot of snow in a short amount of time i think the trees are very dry, and the snow is really wet. it just looks like artillery shells went off. >> reporter: the midwest is accustomed to snow, but tornadoes are a rarity. in illinois, jim grabbed his camera when he saw a funnel cloud out his front door. >> i stood out there like a smart man i am, and filmed it. >> reporter: the store spared his house, others weren't as lucky. a school bus driver and at least five students were slightly injured when a tornado blew over their bus 80 miles outside chicago. the storm ripped the roof off an illinois home with a woman inside. >> the whole house was shaking and she heard that freight train that everybody talks about. >> reporter: the sound people dread kicking off a season causing worries of its own. >> i am not looking forward to
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this winter. it's probably going to be a long one. >> reporter: the storm systems in the east and west will continue to haunt thanksgiving week travelers. just as more people are expected to hit the road this year than last. emily schmidt, abc news. what a different story around here. and wait, we will get our turn. but at 5:16, we are looking across the street. it's dry and we have ourselves a look at patchy fog outside of the city. not really as widespread as we had yesterday morning. needless to say, we are getting the benefit of the warm side of the storm pattern. 65 was yesterday's high temperature. it hit the 70s in charleston, west virginia and towards virginia itself. normally, we should get up to 54 degrees. we have been as high as 74 in 1979. focusing on the warm side because we will be above normal probably split the difference between normal and record today. sun up at 6:59 and down at 4:47 and we are expecting a warm day. look at the bench mark.
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54 in baltimore. 60 at pittsburgh and 63 charleston. and the surge of warm air is coming ahead of the storm system. you can see the rain band coming across ohio. the line extends across the deep south. they are getting the rain down through kentucky and tennessee and good old arkansas. on the backside, check this out. we have the jet stream dipping down with heavy snow and you heard about seattle getting snow. a rarity becauser that coastal city. the cold cold air is to the northwest coast and across the rockies expecting a few feet of know. good news for ski resorts. the warm side is squeezed out and we will get the transition over the next couple days. look at temperatures this morning, 7 p.m. 2 below in billings compared to the 50s and 60s and 70s on the other side of that storm boundary. we have a line of storms. at lunchtime to the northwest, clk gust of wind during after the noon. we clear it out, but strong winds surge out of the south
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and will cool us down over the next few days. 66 today. plan for an afternoon shower and between 1 and 4:00. tonight back down to about 36 degrees and tomorrow should be a calmer and cooler day near 50. let's check on traffic with kim brown. >> reporter: not much to check on this morning. we are quiet. traffic moves well pretty much everywhere. all lanes opened around the beltway. northeast corner of 695 at harford road, inner and outer loop don't have issues. you will find no delays between the pennsylvania state line to mount carmel road and toward the beltway. we are all clear. 795 traffic beginning to build slightly between owings mills boulevard towards the beltway. but nothing major. no problems at the bridges or tunnels. now back to you. time 5:18. it all comes down to this. last night, the finale y of a-- finale of "dancing with the stars." >> the three finalist put away
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the off screen drama. jennifer grey and her partner took a perfect score for their performance. kyle and his partner took home a 57 out of 60. and bristol palein and mark fenished third with 52 out of 60 possible points. the finale show airs at nine tonight on abc2. this brings touts facebook question for the day. you have been watching, we know you have been watching, "dancing with the stars" for that finale tonight, who do you got? let us know by logging in on wmar facebook fan stage -- fan
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page. today's sarah palin's book will be released. the former alaska governor stayed in the news with her daughter on "dancing with the stars" and her family reality television show. political analyst say her reality tv show and book are the start of her run for presidency. >> it's not what we expect of presidents and this is something we heard when bill clinton played saxophone when he was running for president. that's not presidential. and we keep seeing candidates appear where we don't expect them. i don't know what presidential is. >> add together speculation of the presidential campaign ambitions, her book tour will take her to iowa, and south carolina two states posing critical as early test for a candidate. it may have seemed like a bad dream for leonardo dicaprio. his delta flight made a emergency landing for jfk. the plane had engine problems e signed autographs as well as crew members. >> gl charlie sheen striking back by suing a woman for extortion. he is suing capre anderson who
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was locked in his bathroom hotel suite. he filed suet after she accused him of using racial slurs and grabbing her by the throat. the lawsuit claims she threatened to make fall allegations about the star unless he paid her $1 million. that's ugly. >> any press is good press. >> i guess so. the holidays symbolize different things for everybody around the world. >> but children and adults can relate to a scene like this. we will go to new york where grand central station is more than just a place of transportation i love trains. [ sneezes ] client's here.
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it's 5:24. all aboard the 9th annual holiday train showed rolled into the grand central terminal. >> this is amazing look. i know you like trains so take a look. the display features minimumter veerings of every mode of new york rail travel includes cars from the long island railroad and pennsylvania railroad. show is open for viewing until
5:25 am
january 17th. i will tell you that thing is moving too fast for any sort of traffic in new york city. >> possibly. possibly. justin what is your position on trains are you a fan? >> sure. yeah. love them. >> come on. >> it's the best i could do. i will say my father in lou has one of those long-standing old train collections and he picks them newspaper that's cool. >> so there's that in the family i won't turn away if it's
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built, you just -- dish just don't have the time or patience to put it together myself. charlie is building one out in the lobby for us. today, we are looking at pree holiday weather and it's going to be a warm one. 66 degrees. scattered showers pushing in towards the afternoon hours and plan between 1 and 4. the best time to get that and a gusty wind will knock us down the mid-30s to near 40 overnight. a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. a high near 50. now thanksgiving could start with showers and there will be on and off showers throughout the day a high of 52. brief surge of warm air before the rain rolls in. friday could be a wet and stormy day with falling temperatures averaging around 48 degrees. but at the tail end of the storm, we could get snow showers that redevelop on saturday especially north and west. highs only in the low to mid-40s over the weekend. right now let's go up to new york. underground train capital of our country, and it's time for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: the ipad gets an upgrade. ael released a free software update adding new features. users can create folders for apps and run more than one app at a time. and you can beam fires to printers wirelessly. in the racing game, play a speared or the police. c-net says the game add new element. >> reporter: the -- >> the thing that makes a online mullete player game successful is the ability to get the
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opponents involved in the trash talking. and this is one of the first racing games to work that in and appeal to the social element of having fun with your friends and taunting them and challenging them at the same time. >> reporter: need for speed is available for pcs and major gaming consouls. those are your tech bites.
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now, "good morning, maryland." pat-downs, full body scans be a the inconvenience of
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airport security. safety measures at the airport will hold you up. highways and by ways will be packed for holiday travel. but where can you expect delays. we will have details coming up. after what we saw last winter, remember this? you better believe the state is talking about snow emergencies right now i know you weren't here for this but it was something . >> learned about it in my previous post. >> it was something to see. justin was -- i never seen him more excited and busy in the weather center. and i know you love snow, but you are not hoping for that again, are you? that was a question for you. >> no. >> justin. >> i can't do the same thing again. we will have an active year no doubt about that. i think we will have less snow. i think it's safe to say we will have less snow than last year but more ice in the storms. >> easy. >> that the issue. i will try to take down the smile. we don't have it yet. here's the deal. leaving home this morning, patchy fog. that's the issue. i noticed that north of the city in the valley locations where the fog is thick, but not as widespread. plan for a shower. it's going to be a mild day.


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